What is a tokenset?
Like it is defined in math, a set is a collection of things. In this case it is a collection of blockchain tokens that adhere to a theme or rationale we select for organizing them. A tokenset is something you can buy using cryptocurrency. When you purchase a tokenset you are purchasing all the tokens in the set at specific ratios we constructed.

What blockchains do you support?
Our first tokensets are on Ethereum. We will add tokensets for Avalanche and Polygon in the future.

Can I sell my tokenset?
Yes, you decide when to sell and can do it directly without intervention or support by us. 

What are the costs?
We charge a 0.40% fee annually on the total market capitalization of each set. If you choose to stake the underlying collateral, we charge a 0.20% fee at issuance and the same at redemption.

Where can I find your tokensets?
Link TBD