Why invest in private equity?
With Luna Capital, we support companies that are profitable and still have room to grow. This is different from helping a company raise money on Kickstarter or speculative crowdfunding. Our approach earns interest and has the potential of capital appreciation.

How much can I invest?
There are no restrictions for accredited investors. Please consult our Private Placement Memorandum, which is only available by proceeding to our Investments page and proceeding through to the check-out stage.

How do I know if I am an accredited or non-accredited investor?
An accredited investor is a person who has a net worth of at least $1 million (excluding their primary residence) or earns at least $200,000 in income each year – $300,000 if combined with a spouse. A non-accredited investor is everyone else, but we prefer to think of them as “accrediting” investors!

How do I calculate my net worth?
Calculating net worth involves adding up all your assets and subtracting all your liabilities. The resulting sum is your net worth.

For examples, and more information about how to calculate your net worth, feel free to reference this SEC investor bulletin.

Who can invest in Luna Capital’s funds?
Anyone over 18 years of age can invest with Luna Capital.

What will the return on my investment be?
Luna Capital seeks a target return of 10% interest and 10% equity in the companies we lend to. Results may vary; please read our Private Placement Memorandum and invest wisely.

Can I sell my note or my interest in a Luna Capital Fund?
Per the terms of our private placement memorandum, The transferability of the Notes in this offering are limited, and potential investors should recognize the nature of their investment in the offering.  It is not expected that there will be a public market for the Notes because there will be only a limited number of investors and restrictions of the transferability of Notes.  The Notes have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or qualified or registered under the securities laws of any state and, therefore, the Notes cannot be resold unless they are subsequently so registered or qualified or an exemption from such registration is available.  The offering also contains restrictions on the transferability of the Notes.  Accordingly, purchasers of Notes will be required to hold such Notes to maturity unless otherwise approved by the Company. 

Is there any cost to investing?
We pass through bank, card, or wire fees to our investors. We also charge a 0.75% management fee annually.

How can I pay for my investment?
Our primary form of payment is credit card. Customers who select the payment plan may also use Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Wire. Banks fees may apply.

When and how will I get confirmation on my investment?
Upon signing and accepting our Private Placement Memorandum and completing your investment transaction, i.e., “checking out” of our e-commerce system, you will receive an email receipt including a signed copy of your Offering Subscription and Note.

How do I cancel my investment?
Please use our Contact Us page to discuss the feasibility of cancelling your investment.

How do my investments affect my Taxes?
Luna Capital Fund Inc. and its Affiliates cannot give you any tax or investment advice. You may want to consult a tax advisor regarding your investment and any questions regarding your taxes as an investor.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
You can reset your password by going to the My Account page. Follow the directions on how to reset your password.