DOGZ – Dogz of DeFi (link)

This is not your father’s Dogs of the Dow that focused on the highest paying dividend stocks. Rather, anyone who purchases cryptocurrencies understands the immutable connection between decentralized finance and K9s. This loveable pals get us through crypto winter after crypto winter. We selected some of the most popular chains and tokens based on social engagement factors. 

TOOLS – Web3 Picks & Shovels (link)

Web3 Picks & Shovels is clearly for the BUIDLers, the devs, and the projects that can only focus on utility. In every gold rush there are teams that figure out what the picks and shovels are going to be and start selling them. Like the companies that built Web2 — Cisco, America Online, Netscape, McAfee — we have selected an assortment of building block tokens.

SWAP – Dominating DEXs (link)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are like an ETrade, Robinhood, Webull, or IBRK that you can use 24/7/365. When new tokens get created in the blockchain a DEX is typically where they launch and initial liquidity is created. DEX earn fees on the trading volume and are the foundation of DeFi.

LIKE – AdTech (link)

AdTech consists of projects redefining marketing and advertising in Web3. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have different priorities than traditional finance, including privacy, anonymity, sovereignty, and immunity from de-platforming. Watch this space.

CEX – CEX on the Beach (link)

When baby tokens grow up and have massive liquidity they can finally afford to be sponsored for listing on a centralized exchange (CEX). You will frequently find the largest volumes and market caps among the CEX.

WAGMI – Oh So Social (link)

Social networks are the new fabric of society. This is equally true in Web3. Many DeFi projects were born during periods of intense economic despair (e.g., 2008 Global Financial Crisis, 2019 Corona Pandemic) and their communities turned to social media connections to form bonds across the world. These projects bring people together and nurture growth.